Prayer Prompts from James

At our LWCC staff gathering this week, Pastor Aaron Kunce guided us through prayer prompts from the book of James, adapted from words by author Jessica Van Roekel. As you work through reading James this week, use the prompts below to guide your prayer time.

1. Rejoice in Trials [James 1:2-4] Pray with a renewed trust and joy in God’s presence and work in your life.

2. Resist Temptation [James 1:13-15] Pray that God helps you resist all temptation as you follow Jesus.

3. Rest in God [James 1:21-22] Resting in God is not passive, but active. Examine your life for areas where you are not living out God’s word. As you make the changes to live righteously, your heart will know rest.

4. Accept Others [James 2:12-13] Remember how God has accepted you, and then extend that acceptance to all.

5. Assist Others [James 2:22] Pray for opportunities to serve others as an act of obedience to God.

6. Control Your Tongue [James 3:9-12] Pray for God to redeem your speech to be used to bless and love.

7. Pursue Godly Wisdom [James 3:17-18] Pray for Godly wisdom to be manifested in your daily living.

8. Submit to God [James 4:7-10] Submit yourself. Relinquish your wants and will. In humility, surrender afresh.

9. Exercise Patience in Suffering [James 5:11] Pray for patience and perseverance in any suffering.

10. Pray in Simple Faith [James 5:13-16] Pray in faith and trust as you are right now… sad, mad, joyful, or hurt.

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