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I need prayers. My cancer is becoming untreatable, I'm running out of new drugs. I feel I have so much undone. My family needs Jesus.

Received: October 11, 2021


A coworker of mine, has a wife who is battling cancer. She has switched to a new treatment, which is their last chance at beating it or at least keeping it in check. Please pray for Karen & Chuck!

Received: October 5, 2021


Please pray for my guidance to find a job where I'm respected, can continue learning and it feels like "home." I currently don't feel this way at my current employer. I've been experiencing depression and stress from this to where my stomach hasn't been right for weeks now. Thank you. I feel embarrassed even asking for prayers after reading the prayer wall and praying for others but I was called to let it go and give it to I'm letting it go today and trusting in our Lord for a new, remote position that will appreciate my talents and to help me be a better person and employee.

Received: October 4, 2021


Please pray for me. Please pray I don't have cancer. I'm sick and scared.

Received: September 19, 2021

Jason Paradis

My father has a cancer of the blood that is killing his blood cells faster than his body can make them. He's in the hospital right now with pneumonia which is complicating everything. Please pray for him.

Received: September 12, 2021

Melodie Cooper

I ask for prayer for the Lord to provide my mom and me a house or duplex. We have been moving a lot for years and been homeless twice. We would like to settle in a place without having to worry about moving again.

Received: September 8, 2021


My friend Tyler was injured in Afghanistan, prayers for his mind as he comes to terms with his new circumstances.

Received: September 7, 2021

Laurie Howard

Please pray for my little great nephew Rory Carrol. He was born with something called Alagille Syndrome. He has had several heart surgeries, lives with a feeding tube, and now he needs a liver transplant. Rory will be 3 in November. He is named for his grandmother Rory who died from ALS while my niece was pregnant. My brother (Amanda’s dad) died about 3 weeks before from Agent Orange cancers. So my niece Amanda has been through so much while she was carrying Rory and then to have her baby be born so ill. Prayers for Amanda, Tomas, and their daughter Harper as well as for little Rory. ️️️️

Received: September 5, 2021

Laurie Howard

I am scheduled for another lumbar fusion on October 8. I got ill for 2 years after the neck fusion (lungs). Stuck between a rock and a hard place. God is good. I am praying and trusting him. It’s still scarey.

My husband has his left hand surgery on September 9. We have our 27 yo Autistic son to care for.

I keep praying for God to soften my husbands heart and have him love and accept our oldest son again. My son will not come here as he and his father have nothing to do with each other. When I’m laid up, I can’t go to see my son. It’s complicated. It will take a miracle, but I know God can do miracles. Thank you.

Received: September 5, 2021


Please pray for salvation for my son. Please pray for negative medical test results for my husband and me. Please pray we don't have cancer.

Received: September 2, 2021

Darla Mundy

Please pray for my granddaughter's father, Brent Vogel. He just had a kidney and pancreas transplant. The pancreas is having some problems. Please keep him in your prayers.

Received: August 31, 2021

Chrysta Stine

Early in July I asked for prayer for the best friend, Denise, of a work colleague of mine, Christie. Denise had suffered from a sudden and severe brain aneurysm. Christie was leaning into God with all her might. In late July, God called Denise home. We don't know how God will answer our prayers, just that He will. Christie has the Lord to comfort her in her grief. Thank you for your prayers.

Received: August 29, 2021

Jennifer L

My friends Donna and Mark are in desperate need of prayer to help restore their marriage from being destroyed by Mark's friend, Gene. Please pray that the Lord would remove Gene from Mark's life so that Donna may have the relationship with her husband as God intended. Mark has replaced Gene in the marriage where God should be.

Received: August 25, 2021

Orlando Jones,Sr

I’m in Atlanta I have sinned against God my wife and my family. My wife has filed for divorce and I’m asking all of you if it’s God’s will please pray that God will restore and reconcile our marriage. My daughter isn’t speaking to me I have confessed and repented to God I know that prayer changes things and I’m asking all of you and any other believers you know to please pray that the Lord will restore and reconcile our marriage and family.

Received: August 22, 2021


Please pray for me and my friend Jeffrey. Pray that he'll renew our relationship and that I can help him with caring for his mother's needs with radiation treatments. Pray that Lorraine is healed of breast cancer.

Received: August 20, 2021


Please pray for wisdom and courage for me and for my husband, Jeff’s, salvation. He abandoned me in May, filed for divorce, and moved away with no personal communication. It came as a complete surprise. I have been praying concertedly for restoration but I need the strength to accept God’s will for this marriage, and I don’t know if I am supposed to maintain hope. I am really struggling emotionally. Please pray for us. Thank you.

Received: August 19, 2021

Tracey Cantabene

Please pray for my friend Phil Roberts, whose cancer has returned.

Received: August 15, 2021


My wife has left me and our four children for another man. We are devastated. Please pray that she repents and returns to the Lord and our family is restored.

Received: August 3, 2021


Please pray Derrick turns to the Lord and quits his addictions.

Received: July 15, 2021


Please pray that David will thirst for righteousness and the Holy Spirit will enable him to quit his addictions.

Received: July 15, 2021

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