Resources for Mother’s Week

Mothers Week

It’s Mother’s Week here at Living Word!

We are thankful for all types of moms, and we want to offer two printable resources to encourage moms and help you celebrate the mothers in your life.

7 Prayers of Encouragement

7 Prayers of Encouragement

First, for the moms among us, here is a document with 7 prayers of encouragement. Print it out, put it someplace visible, and let these prayers guide you in moments of need. Download the PDF ►


Guide to a Quarantined Mother’s Day

Quarantined Mothers Day

Second, if you are looking for ways to celebrate a mom in your life during this time of social distancing, our Next Gen team has put together a list with a variety of ways to celebrate. Download the PDF ►


Wednesday Night Live

Don’t forget to join us tonight at 7:00 pm at for a special Wednesday Night Live celebrating all types of moms!

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