Revive Us Again: The Flourishing Project


What do the following words have in common?

Latin – vivet
Spanish – venir
Portuguese – viver
French – vivre

Each one is the word for LIVE. English departs from these other languages in how we spell the word, but you can see the similarity.

“To revive” is to re-live or re-life. It is to live again. It is to renew one’s life. It is to energize life. It is to put the animation back into life.

But notice – you don’t revive yourself! You need an outside Source to revive you.

God is in the revival business. That is why his people, when they realized their lives were draining and diminishing, prayed revive us again.”

That is our prayer, too. Give us life again. More life. Better life. Abundant life. A full and flourishing life. Give us Your Life.

We only find this life in GOD. Nowhere else! Nowhere! Remember, “In him was life” (John 1:4). If you want life, then you must want God. God cannot give you life without giving you himself. God cannot give you joy without giving you himself. God cannot give you love without giving you himself. None of these things exist independently and apart from God. Instead, they are in God and come from God (from whom all blessings flow).

I can’t get away from this theme of LIFE.

Especially since we just finished our week of baptisms and heard beautiful stories of salvation and transformation.

Especially now that spring is officially here. (No more snow – right? Right!)

Especially now that Easter is getting closer.

Especially since our team is preparing for:

The Flourishing Project

that launches on Easter and continues until the last Sunday in May.


We have a lot of things heading your way in the next few weeks.

We’ll show you pictures and videos from baptism week.

We’ll give you a major update about when the building renovations begin and what to expect.

We’ll fill you in on our special worship-packed Palm Sunday service.

We have healing and communion as part of our two Good Friday services.

And then EASTER…

Every day, may God revive you again,
Every day, may you rejoice in him.Thrive CC

Pastor Brian

If you want to listen to one of my favorite songs, listen to Thrive by Casting Crowns. Here is their ‘official lyric video.”

Brian Rice

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