Self-Awareness and the Emotional Life

Clueless is Never a Compliment!

Being clueless about your emotions is never a good thing! Self-awareness about your emotions is the first step toward healthy emotions. This is one more reason why I love the psalms.

The psalmists were profoundly self-aware about their emotions. They felt deeply about their experiences. They knew what they felt. They named what they felt. They prayed about what they felt. They turned to God for help about what they felt.

Therefore, the psalms help us become self-aware. As we read these song-prayers, we discover our own emotions displayed by these hot culture psalmists. When we see them express their anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and discouragement, we can do the same. Their emotional experiences give legitimacy to our experiences.

What the psalmists do, led by the Holy Spirit, is to name and reveal the depths of the human heart. They model the way for us. They encourage us to do the same.

What the psalmists do, led by the Holy Spirit, is to reveal a way of prayerful encounter with God that brings the real you in contact with the beautiful God. Naturally, we are hesitant to reveal our real self to this beautiful God. We know our real self is not so pretty or attractive. And we worry about letting God see who we really are.

RELAX on this.

God already knows who you are! There is nothing hidden from the Almighty and the All-Knowing (see Luke 12:2; 1 Corinthians 4:5; Hebrews 4:13). God already knows and God knows far more about you than what you know. We are all very capable of self-deception. God cannot be deceived. Fortunately, the Almighty and the All-Knowing is All-Loving and All-Graceful and All-Forgiving and All-Healing.

That is what the psalmists rediscovered when they brought their raw emotions to God. They found that God already knew what they felt and that God was waiting to redeem, mend, restore, and repair any emotional woundedness. He is also waiting and ready to magnify all that is emotionally healthy in you.

That is why the psalmists Turn it Up and Shout it Out to the Lord (Psalm 27:6; 95:1; 98:4; 100:1). They were self-aware about their emotions and they did the very best thing they could do about their emotions—they brought them to Jesus. You can do the same.

Joyfully, gratefully, expectantly,
Pastor Brian

P.S.. Here is my version of the Four Areas of Emotional Healthiness. You may want to print it out and look at it regularly.

Brian Rice