How to Be All Right When Everything is All Wrong

We’re experiencing major disruptions in life due to COVID-19. Things are still wrong and will continue to be wrong until the threat of the virus is over. So how can it be all right in the meantime, and how is God making things all right while things seem all wrong?

We want to help you find a solid hope that it can and will be all right, while facing the brutal facts of right now.

The Reformer, Martin Luther once said, “If I knew I would die tomorrow, I’d plant a tree today.”

His perspective was a great forward-looking image about planting, planning, envisioning, and living with faith, hope, and love.

We will prevail as God makes things all right even as they seem presently all wrong.

Let’s start planting trees for our future.

Due to the societal disruption caused by COVID-19:

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