Sermon Backing on John 20:21-23

In John 20:21-23, Jesus defines our purpose as his missional followers. Jesus is sending everyone, everywhere, all the time, to do his work, his way.

I love to find thoughtful quotes and let them inspire me as they illustrate scripture. Here are some I used on Sunday.

Rick Warren, founding pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life (over 50 million copies sold) says this. He is right on. And not only is NO purpose pointless, but wrong purpose and unworthy purpose are not the real points of your life.

And did God ever answer that prayer as MLK committed himself to a civil rights purpose, suffered for it, inspired millions, and launched change that ripples through the years. The harder and more demanding the purpose, the more we need the life of Jesus.

Helen Keller is uniquely positioned to give us this perspective and it sounds a lot like the words of Jesus: Those who have eyes but who do not see. What purpose do you see that God has given to you?

Parents, once you have done the hard work of getting the child born, one of your great parental missions is to, year by year, help your child understand who they are, why they are, and the purposes of God for them and through them. Help them become a difference maker who lives with great purpose and passion.

We make a living by what we get and we make a life by what we give. Let’s not get so caught up in making our living that we forget to make a life worth living.

Yeah, so this one makes no sense at all until you realize it is the only thing that does make sense in a fallen world. In this beautiful mystery is the heart of the gospel. Jesus sends us out to bear the biggest burden we can (our own cross of sacrificial love), and when we do, he changes the world through those crosses. And what we must fully trust is to know it is the power of God that is displayed in every act of burden-bearing and cross-carrying, and it is that power that always and truly changes our world.  Therefore…

C.S. Lewis is insightful and right to the point. In the end, PURPOSE comes down to this: You are meant to become like Jesus (a little and faithful representation of Jesus), so filled with his life you do his work, his way. Then, as Jesus did, you find the burdens you bear so that grace and love enter at that very place, right where you are.

Grace to everyone of you as we carry these burdens together and watch God in action.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice