Shaped by God’s Good Words

We live in a time when we are ambivalent about or even opposed to sustained reflection, deep discernment, and lingering engagement about things that matter the most.

We live in a time when distractions are constant, endless, intrusive, and powerful. (Like what we experienced during Black Friday – distractions, hectic pace, fast pursuits of the elusive gifts…).

We live in a time when our ability to focus and give concentrated attention to the issue, or person, or problem, or opportunity in front of us is in decline. If that is true for the things we can see, how much harder is it when it comes to the invisible God?

Therefore, we live in a time when Christianity itself is at risk and where discipleship is in decline. It was for a reason that Jesus asked, “Will the Son of Man find faith on earth?” (Luke 18:8).

The gospel is “cognitively costly” (Alan Noble). The Words of God are enlightening, renovating, regenerating, illuminating, and transforming. “Be transformed by the renewing of your minds” (Romans 12:1-2). But they require attention and engagement. These words must be received, welcomed, held to, adopted, believed, and lived.

Then we will live as children of the light (Ephesians 5:8-20).

This is why we are here for you–to help you find faith, to believe deeply, and to live in the light.

One of the ways we do this is with the daily devotionals we provide with the Sunday messages. May you be shaped by God’s powerful words in the season ahead.

Pastor Brian

This reflection was inspired by thoughts from Alan Noble, Disruptive Witness


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