So What’s Behind This?

In 23 years time (1988–2011), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention measured a 400% increase in antidepressant use.

In the last four decades of the 20th century, in America . . .

  • Our divorce rate doubled
  • Teen suicide tripled
  • Violent crime quadrupled
  • The prison population quintupled
  • Out-of-wedlock births sextupledCohabitation septupled

One of my favorite Christian sociologist-psychologists talks about this in his (somewhat dated) book The American Paradox.

What’s the paradox?

Simply this. The more we pursue our definition of happiness apart from any sense of religious, spiritual, and moral reality the more we do not find it!

The more hedonism (the pursuit of pleasure) and the more individualism (the supremacy of the self) become just the way we do things in the nation, the more sure we are NOT to be happy.

There are always consequences from our choices. Even though society may strongly push us toward certain ways of living, if those ways are not the way of Jesus, those ways will not be good for us as individuals, families, and a nation.

With no apologies or hesitation at all I affirm the Christian worldview of God, life, faith, transformation, calling, family, meaning, purpose, and everything else you can add, to be the truest and most beautiful way there is.

2,000 years ago Jesus said he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

2,000 years ago Jesus said there is a broad way that many are on and it leads to, well, what the stats describe above. And there is a narrow way, that paradoxically leads to the very happiness and joy for which we long.

As you are really connected with the Real Jesus, you will find the life you were meant to have.

Pastor Brian

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