Social Media is Killing Our Kids (and What to Do About It) (Identity 05)

Yea, I know that is pretty dramatic.

Killing them softly, slowly, but surely.

Killing their joy.

Killing their security.

Killing their friendships.

Killing their sexuality.

Killing their ability to feel loved, accepted, valued, and safe.

Parents, I know this is one of the hardest things you will EVER do, but you must monitor and help your children and teens have appropriate social media use.

All the studies talk about how harmful social media is for teens. Social media increases depression and anxiety (as well as anger).

So, we play games to impress other people with what we think they want to hear.

We wear masks to hide our real selves, especially if we think we will not be loved or accepted.

We project images and we even have illusions that we come to believe.

We have bought into the lies and distortions of NOT GOOD ENOUGH in a Hyper-Real Culture. And our children have bought into the lies more than anyone.

One of the best (and short) books there is on this topic is Tech Wise Family by Andy Crouch. One of the best things you will do as a parent is fight this good fight and help your teens survive.

It is practical, pastoral, and it will help. It will be hard, but most good things worth fighting for are hard.

Your kids flourishing is one such thing that matters most.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice