Some Hard Things About Mother’s Day || guest blog by Connie Milchling

As Mother’s Day approaches, we would be remiss in not acknowledging that this day is not a joyous occasion for every woman. For some, it is a hard day. For others, it is a very difficult day.

Maybe it’s because you have (or had) a mom who was less than ideal, and the pain appears each year without relief.

Or perhaps you had a terrific mom, but she is no longer around for you to hear her voice.

Or maybe you are longing to be a mom, but that dream remains unfulfilled, so Mother’s Day appears like a billboard shouting, “YOU DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN!”

Or it lingers like a sympathy card, reminding you of your loss.

Infertility, miscarriages, stillborn births, high-risk pregnancies.

We understand and are so sorry for your heartache.

This article from Christianity Today may be helpful:

6 Ways to Survive Grief of Childlessness

I googled “hard things about Mother’s Day” and received 37,300,000 results in .57 seconds.

Women hoping for healing, waiting for marriage, undertaking adoption.

The list goes on and on.

Whether you are waiting for parenting, or parenting, step-parenting, foster-parenting, or grand-parenting, it often includes some serious challenges.

There are no easy answers to the difficult times, but there is a good, good Father who loves you and is not indifferent to your pain.

In Psalm 34:18 he promises to be near.

Let him be there for you.