Soul Care Recap || guest blog by Connie Milchling

From my view it was amazing!  On Saturday, November 16, 620 women assembled in the Main Auditorium to carefully and prayerfully consider being “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  The morning was a picturesque display of Kingdom partnership as administrative, ambience, caterers, coffee-brewers, facilities, safety, presenters, speakers, teachers, tech-team, worship team members, and many ministry partners collectively and collaboratively used their gifts and abilities to serve with a laser-beam focus on SOUL CARE.

The final product felt like you were in the thin space between heaven and earth, while experiencing a tiny glimpse of the best celebration ever; “YOUR kingdom come, YOUR will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.   Working together we did our best to encourage hearts, invigorate souls, motivate minds, and renew strength.  And it was wonderful to sit enthralled as Susy shared her pottery demonstration, Diana led worship and spoke, Becky and Kendall taught, and Michelle hosted. You could hear edifying conversations nearby as women were being captivated by God’s attentiveness to them.   One attendee gave me permission to share this note of thanks:

What a blessing Soul Care was to me and my two dear friends that I brought along. One is actively fighting breast cancer and on her second treatment of chemo. The other is in remission and had so much praise for the Lord. I was tremendously moved and cried twice during Susy’s talk about pottery, especially when she shared that she saves all the scraps and adds water and remakes them into something new. I see God has done this for me.  All our scattered pieces, (He) added living water to and made us new.  Praise Him. I was very moved and thankful for Diana’s testimony and am thankful to be part of a church where this truth can be shared publicly and felt so encouraged that she found a healthy relationship with her husband. God is great!

We closed our morning with this realization from Psalm 139:14 NKJV.  May it encourage you, too.

My choice  I WILL praise you
My declaration  For I AM fearfully and wonderfully made  
My focus  Marvelous are YOUR works
My settled soul  And that MY SOUL KNOWS very well! 

Now, invert the right column for a powerful statement and personal prayer.

Dear Lord,
My soul knows very well that your works are marvelous,
I am fearfully and wonderfully made,
and I will praise you! 

Connie Milchling