Special Message from Pastor Brian

Hey Everyone:

How would you have responded on February 1 if someone would have told you that very soon international flights to Europe were canceled, universities were sending students home, York County schools would be closed, the NBA season postponed, the NCAA March madness cancelled, the entertainment industry on hold, and baseball spring training cancelled? (Well, maybe the last one would not have surprised you.)

How would you have responded if they also said that large churches everywhere are canceling on-site church services, and going to online services entirely?

Yes, me too. I would have laughed.

So here we are today. Six weeks later! And that has all happened.

We’ve just posted a “pastoral video” where I share my thoughts as a pastor about CoVid-19 and how the church will respond to this disruptive experience.

Go to COVID-19: LATEST UPDATES & Click Friday, March 13 • Part II →

I love you guys very much. We have a unique season through which we are now walking. We are in this together. God’s grace is with us. His Holy Spirit is filling us. And we all know, that God brings good out of all things.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice