• Why is there only one Sunday service?

    The new normal for using out building is not very normal. It is difficult to prepare and clean our building. We are finding our way as we reopen. As we become confident that we can provide quality service (spiritually and health-wise) to our people, we will increase the times we meet. On the practical side of this, churches that have reopened have found relatively small numbers of people returning back to church. Most people are waiting and watching to see how COVID-19 changes in the weeks to come.

  • How do I register to attend worship services?

    Follow the button link on the Reopening Page and complete the registration, then print or bring the ticket/receipt on your cell phone.  There is currently a limit to the number of tickets per registration. Register for the exact number of people attending. Registration will close when our capacity is reached. Every seat matters. Due to social distancing and the need to use every seat, family members who are registered should sit together.

  • What day will registration for services open each week?

    Each week registration will open on Sunday at 1:00 pm for the upcoming Sunday services.

  • What if registration is full?

    If the registration is full, please take this important step and click the second button link on the Reopening Page to let us know. As we see the number of people who want to attend and are unable to get a seat, we will advance our plans for additional services.

  • Do you have a service for high-risk individuals? 

    If you are high risk, for your own safety we encourage you to stay home and watch online. 

    Please remember that COVID-19 is not over. There is still much we do not know about this virus. We don’t know what to expect this summer in terms of how viral it will be.

    Please make your plans on the side of caution and prudence about your health and that of others. It is better to stay safe at home and participate through Living Word Online.

  • How many people will be in the Main Auditorium and Life Center? 

    The total capacity depends on the average size of groups, but we estimate we can handle comfortably around 400 people (in a 1,500 seat auditorium).

  • Where do I park?

    All regular parking will be available.

  • Where do I enter the building?

    Entrance 7 under the tower and entrances 2 & 3 into the main lobby will be open.

    All others entrances will be locked.

    We are excited to see you!

  • What time will doors open?

    The doors will open at 9:00 am–30 minutes prior to the service.

  • Do I need to bring a ticket? 

    Yes! Upon registering, you will be able to print your ticket or even just bring it up on your phone. Either way works for us!

  • Will I be required to wear a mask? 

    Masks are required for anyone over the age of 10 while on campus. We also ask you to sanitize your hands before entering the Main Auditorium or Life Center.

  • Will there be children's/student programming?     

    We miss all of our children and students so much, but we will not have any on-campus children’s/student programming or childcare for at least the month of June.

    We will continue to evaluate and determine for future months.

    Please continue to check out the Online Next Gen Resources, updated weekly!

  • Will there be coffee? Can I bring my own?

    No coffee (or food) will be served at this time.

    We encourage you to bring your own water bottle and coffee.

    Please don’t forget that favorite coffee travel mug you sat under the seat on your way out!  We will dispose of all containers that are left behind.

  • Will the bathrooms be open? 

    Our bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized and available for emergency use. They will be cleaned and sanitized during each service.

  • Will there be social distancing in the venues?

    We will practice social distancing in the Main Auditorium and Life Center.

    Please leave THREE seats between your household and the next family group.

    Give your friend in the next row over an air hug, but only sit with your family.

  • Will the offering plate be passed? 

    We will not be passing the offering plate.  However, upon entering and exiting the Main Auditorium and Life Center, there will be secure offering boxes, where you can leave your contributions.

    We also invite you to try online giving.

  • Can I come if I am not feeling well? 

    We really miss you and want to see you, but please stay home if you are currently sick with any of the following symptoms:

    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Sore throat
    • Shortness of breath OR
    • If you have had contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

    Please let us know what’s going on so we can pray for you by submitting your prayer requests online!

  • Will services still be available online?

    Yes, all services will remain online.

    Our online community meets 8:00 am, 9:30 am, & 11:00 am.


Our model and guide for all of this is Jesus and the words of the Apostle Paul: “…In humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” -Philippians 2:3-4

Need more help?

Email your questions to hello@lwccyork.com or call the office at 717.755.0089.