Surely God Is in This Place

That is what so many of us experienced at our Friday Night Worship and Dedication. This is what so many of us experience week after week.

This past week, I read and taught through a number of passages about PLACE.

Jacob wrestled with the angel of the Lord and called that place Peniel, because he saw the face of God there.

Moses found himself facing a burning bush and hearing the voice of God speak to him, telling him that the place where he was standing was holy ground (Exodus 3:1-6).

When Solomon dedicated the temple in Jerusalem he wondered if the God whom the heavens cannot contain would actually dwell in that temple/place (2 Chronicles 6:18-21). But that is exactly what God did in spectacular fashion (2 Chronicles 7:1-3).

That is what we experience at Living Word. God is in this place.

And we spent the last year expanding and renovating our place.

So, what is a place? I recently had an upgrade in my understanding of place when I read: No Home Like Place: A Christian Theology of Place.

A place is a setting, a location, an environment, and a habitat. The place called Living Word is 44 acres situated in part of southern York, but also centrally located for easy access to most of York.

A place has physical features. We invested a good deal of resources to make Living Word a place of beauty, warmth, light, and invitation. It is a place of peace and love.

A place involves people (others) who live there, the inhabitants who dwell in that place.

A place is where activities are undertaken by those dwellers, and where connections exist between them. A place is social, personal, relational.

A place is a setting where stories unfold, meaning is created, and identity is forged.

A place is where purpose exists.

The place called Living Word Community Church is a place where God is inviting a people to come, to be, to love, to work, to serve, to grow, and to FLOURISH.

That is why I love our place.
I hope you will love this place, too.
And I pray you and I will be used by Christ to invite many more people to love this place.

Pastor Brian

P.S. Tomorrow: A few words about the place called York.


Brian Rice