Sustainable Friends by Guest Blogger Ned Keene

Being “sustainable” is all the rage right now: sustainable food, sustainable fabric, sustainable energy, etc.

You name it, someone’s trying to figure out how to make it sustainable.

The irony is that never before in our culture have relationships been treated with such a throw-away mentality as they are now. So, is anyone talking about sustainable relationships? We are.

Sustainable friendships are ones that stand the test of time. They endure. They face all that life throws at them, and they keep on going. They become an oasis of love in a desert-dry world crying out for connection and belonging.

Sustainable friendships grow best in environments where people do life together, share their stories and journeys, and pursue Jesus with enthusiasm and joy. These occur mostly in small groups we call growth groups. Trust grows, vulnerabilities develop, sacrifices become frequent, and all this blossoms into lifelong loving.

I can’t recall how many times over the years I’ve heard a member of a group say one of the following:

“I never would have thought we’d become such great friends!”

“We love these guys, and we’ve only known them for months!”

“We’ve gone on vacations with each other.”

“They walked me through the darkest and toughest time in my life.”

“I never would have made it through my trial without them.”

“God is so gracious in giving me friends like these who love me, and I love them.”

If your heart lights up at hearing this, why not join a group this fall when we start up after Labor Day?
Learn more about our Growth Groups on our webpage or personally contact me to start the conversation.


Even better, would you consider leading a group? This is what we want to build at Living Word, and we want you to help. We need people willing to facilitate groups where people can begin to unpack their baggage, discover Jesus, and be transformed over time as they engage him, making deep, abiding, transforming friendships along the way.

Consider being a part of a sustaining team, building a sustaining community of transformed, sustaining friendships.