Showing the Way of Flourishing

As we have gone through our Get Real series talking about the life of flourishing, I am reflecting on my own life. In so many ways, I believe I am experiencing that real and eternal, more and better life Jesus came to give us (John 10:10).

I want the people I love to flourish. It is hard (some would say it is impossible) to take people to places you’ve not been. You can only take people to places that you know about. You can only overflow with what you have. You have to show the way you want others to experience (from The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner). If I want others to flourish, then I have to be flourishing in my own life.

It is kind of like being blessed to be a blessing–flourishing so others may flourish. I want you to flourish personally, but I also want you to flourish so others will as well. I want you to show the way.

See Genesis 12:1-3, Proverbs 11:25, and Zechariah 8:13, 20-23 for how this theme was to be a part of the very reason for the existence of God’s people. God loved them so much. But God also loved the world. He wanted to bless the world through a chosen people – Israel.

God loves you so much, but God also loves all those around you. He wants to bless them through you. You are a part of his chosen people (1 Peter 2:9).

You will flourish when …

You have peace about your life conditions that cannot be changed, contentment about the life you have, and courage to change what should be changed. See 5 Ways to Deal with Your Life Conditions.

You enjoy the pleasures of life in their right context, the right amount, and the right way. See What’s on Your Bucket List?

You are deeply and lovingly connected to God, who is the source of all life, through worship, prayer, and Scripture. See Bucket List Goals: God Overflowing!

You make the best voluntary choices for (1) friendships, (2) a life of meaning and purpose, and (3) choosing to grow as far and deep as you can. (These three aspects will be covered in upcoming posts.)

I believe I am flourishing because I have accepted the biological/genetic package of who I am, worked with my life conditions in healthy ways, done the same with pleasures, and put great energy into the things that bring gratification into my life.

The same will be true for you.

God has mapped out a way of flourishing, a way of life, and a way of joy and happiness. Choose that way. And walk in that way. Not just for a day, but for a lifetime. As you walk this way, you begin to receive the life of flourishing God promises and provides.

We are blessed to be a blessing,
Pastor Brian

Brian Rice

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