Remember, Relive, Rejoice

So, you have a wonderful experience that causes you great joy and happiness. Do you know you can go back and enjoy it once again? And you may actually have almost the same amount of happiness as you did with the original experience!

No, I am not talking about actually doing it again, I am talking about remembering the experience that gave you happiness. When you remember the particular experience, you relive that experience. You experience it again just by remembering it. Your brain activity lights up just as if you are actually experiencing the happiness-causing event.

That is why we so enjoy looking at photos of happy times. When you remember, in a beautiful sort of way, you go back to the moment and relive it, and therefore, re-enjoy it (ReJoiceInIt). Isn’t that a gift we have? It’s such a simple (and inexpensive) way to joy.

Here is what makes it even sweeter. When you remember, you are grateful. Gratitude is different from joy, and it actually produces joy and happiness.

So, go back to those wonderful memories. Dive in. Recall, relive, and be grateful. Better yet, do it with another person who was there.

Pastor Brian

P.S. This same principle works the other way. You can relive bad, hurtful, angry, sad experiences. When you do, you experience all the negative emotions. That is why one of the very important tasks for healing from past hurts involves you learning to re-engage, re-write, and re-frame the harmful story. But that is another post. (Actually, it is probably a 2-hour seminar.)

Brian Rice