Three Ways to Energize Your Day

Energetic people are happier people and happier people choose to engage in more energetic activities.

This is another simple way to flourish and be happy. Get active. Get going. Get moving.

ONE: Exercise. Work out. Go on brisk walks. Join an exercise class. Do aerobics. Take 5 minute walk breaks during your work day. (These walks reenergize you and boost both happiness and productivity). Play a sport. Play a sport that is age appropriate. Do group exercise for even more fun and energy.

Two: Nutrition. Watch what you’re eating! This is crucial. Get your body the right food it needs to provide the fuel it needs. Bad food is an energy drain. Bad food makes you sluggish, slow, stagnant. Good food wakes you up. Your body is fearfully and wonderfully made, so watch what you put into it. (By the way, I am preaching to myself on this one.)

Three: Get sufficient sleep and rest. Your body and your mind need time to recover. Energy is depleted throughout the day and it must be restored.

Exercise, nutrition, and rest are the three pathways to energize your life. When you have energy, everything is easier. When you have energy, your stamina and resilience are higher. When you have energy, you are more alert. When you have energy, you do better work. Everything goes better when you have energy. When things go better you are happier.

Therefore, get energy to get happy. Get healthy to get happy.

Pastor Brian
P.S. I am sure you are starting to see that much of this is NOT rocket science. No one insight or truth is how you will flourish, but many things that accumulate and connect will lead you to a place of thriving and joy.

Brian Rice