Flourishing From Where You Are

I will tell you what I mean by flourishing from where you are by asking several related questions. What’s your starting point? In other words, what is your immediate and real life situation? Are you doing well? Are you doing so-so? Are things pretty bad? How hard and difficult or how smooth and flowing is your immediate journey?

I know a few people who read this blog are at terribly painful places in their stories. Life is more than hard! It is pitifully hard. One person who reads this blog has told me that she never would have dreamed that life (i.e., the people in her life) could be so cruel and so vindictive!

I have a good friend who reads these posts and told me how grateful he is that right now his life is going so well. Family, friends, health, finances, work, his spiritual life – everything is smooth sailing. Do you ever hesitate to say how good things may be, for fear that something bad may happen? When my friend told me that, he looked up to heaven and said, “Thank you, God. I am not looking for that to change anytime soon.

What is your starting point? No matter what it is, I know where God wants to take you. He wants to take you to a place of flourishing and of deep and happy joyfulness.

For others, you are stable in your situation but in need of healing for the hurts from the past. To flourish will be to discover and grow in the healing that Christ has for you.

For still others, who are both stable and on the spiritual and emotional road of recovery, to flourish means you are now repairing and rebuilding what has been broken or even lost.

And for still others, to flourish means you are at a place of overflowing, of abundance, of love and beauty being lavished upon you. You are THRIVING.

To flourish is to be in the process of moving toward the Really Good Place where God wants you to be. You can flourish no matter where your current starting point is.

My prayer is that you would see the work of the sovereign God taking place right where you are. Join in with that work. Cooperate with that work. Trust that work. Rest in that work.

Grace, shalom, joy, and hope be yours,
Pastor Brian

Brian Rice

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