You Can Make God Happy and Yourself as Well

And that is going to produce a lot of happiness in your own life.

Here are the main ideas you need to know. Tomorrow I will give you several suggestions right out of the Bible about the areas of life where you can make God happy and find great happiness for yourself as well. It is awesome that this is a win-win scenario. It doesn’t mean  that for God to be happy, you must be miserable. No! God knows your happiness and his happiness are profoundly connected. So, here we go.

Main Idea Number One:
God always loves you no matter what. God’s grace is always free, no matter what. BUT, God is not always happy with you. And there are times when God is quite unhappy with you. God is unhappy with you when you do “dumb stuff.” God is unhappy with you when you do sinful stuff. God is unhappy with you when you do unloving stuff.

God is unhappy because these things are NOT GOD’S WILL or WAY for you. God knows these things will hurt you and hurt others as well. God is unhappy about the hurt and pain in the world. God is unhappy when you are the source of hurt and pain in the world. And because God’s love is so beautiful, pure, and strong, God is going to do something when you do dumb stuff.

Hint: You aren’t necessarily going to find it pleasant when God has to do these things. The Bible calls it the Lord’s discipline. See Hebrews 12:5-12 and especially verse 6: “The Lord disciplines the one he loves…” Be sure to read verse 11 as well.

Main Idea Number Two:
Do you really think that Jesus Christ died for you, rose again from the dead for you, forgave you for your sins, provided you freedom from sin, fills you with his Holy Spirit, and then DOES NOT CARE when you decide to make really bad decisions that hurt you and others?

I believe we 21st century followers of Jesus have a really distorted view of God’s love. As C.S. Lewis said, we seem to prefer a benign, benevolent, somewhat senile grandfatherly presence who is mainly concerned that we have a good time on earth. We do not prefer a good, good Father in heaven who wills that we be good, good people on earth. We do not prefer an Isaiah 6 or Isaiah 40 kind of God. But that is the only kind of God we will get.

Our God is Holy Love. And he has a will, a way, a plan, and a purpose. His holy love will go to great lengths to transform you fully into his own image. That means he is going to take action when you do dumb stuff!

Main Idea Number Three: 
Your holiness makes God happy. Very happy. Which is why the Bible teaches us, “Be holy as I am holy” (see 1 Peter 1:13-16). This is also why the Apostle Paul encourages us to find out what pleases the Lord (Ephesians 5:8-11). Jesus, the beloved Son of God always did what pleased (made happy) his Father in Heaven (John 8:29).

Main Idea Number Four:
Your holiness is the essential way to your happiness. Augustine was completely right when he said we have lost our original holiness and original happiness. We still love happiness, even though we have lost it. We do not still love the holiness that we have lost. It is a mistake to ever think you will regain original happiness apart from original holiness.

Holiness of life is beautiful, awesome, magnificent, and breathtaking. It is your true joy.

Do you want to be happy? Then make God happy?

Then be holy as God is holy and you will be happy. You will be full of joy because you will be like God.

Pastor Brian

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