Psalm 36:5-10, A Vision of Flourishing


In 1976, when I was a sophomore in college, our campus fellowship group met weekly for a large group gathering. We would spend 20 to 30 minutes in worship, have a speaker for about 30 minutes, then spend the rest of the evening hanging out (the Christian words were fellowship and koinoia).

The worship music of the mid-late 70s was in its infancy. The song selection was not great, but the worshippers were enthusiastic. However, one simple worship song was from Psalm 36:5-10. It became my favorite song. Many years later, the band Third Day would do a nice version of this song. Here is a link to Your Love, O Lord.

You may want to read the Psalm, listen to the YouTube video, and then have a short time of prayer using the language of the Psalm to guide your prayerful thoughts.

Be sure to notice how God is the SOURCE of all human flourishing. Be sure to notice the character of our God and the work of our God.

Know that you are loved by this God. Know that Christ came to give you this kind of abundance of life (John 10:10), real and eternal, more and better life than you ever imaged.

In Grace and Love,
Pastor Brian

Brian Rice