Flanguish (or How to Make a New Word)

Let’s have a little fun with today’s post.

There are always new words being added to the English language. The words below officially made it into various leading dictionaries (Oxford, Miriam-Webster) in 2016.

Bitcoin: Digital currency. (I’m not sure what this is, but I don’t think I have any.)

Breakfunch: A small meal consumed between breakfast and lunch. (Usually by Hobbits and pastors!)

Confungry: Confused and hungry. (Similar to hangry – hungry and angry. The Hulk says, “You won’t like me when I am hangry or confungry”).

Fabulize: To make something fabulous. (What you wish God would do to the pastor’s sermons.)

Lifehack: A clever technique for doing something familiar even more easily.

Niblings: Your nieces and nephews. (Rhymes with siblings.)

Nomophobia: The fear of being without your cell phone. No More Phone Bia. (I have Nomobobia – No More Books Bia).

wordsA few months ago, I came up with a new word. As I was thinking about flourishing, I asked: What is the opposite of flourishing? A few words came to mind very quickly.

When you flourish you move through life easily, naturally, gracefully.

When you do not flourish, you Flounder, or struggle, flail around, and make a lot of movement with no progress.

When you do not flourish, you Languish, or suffer, stall out, wither, wilt, decline, and in general, go downhill. You will also see the word anguish in languish. It hurts to languish.

Then it hit me. Do a mashup with Flounder and Languish and you have Flanguish. Now, that is the opposite of Flourish!

Flourish or Flanguish?

Jesus came to those who were flanguishing in sin, evil, and devilish snares. He came so we would flourish (have real and more, abundant and eternal life).

May you flourish and not flanguish in the days ahead.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice