The 5 Things You Need to Grow (Grow: Part One)

On Sunday, August 13, the sermon was entitled GROW, the second word in our One Word series. Each word serves as a lens through which you can see the world around you with more clarity and focus. Each word creates a new perspective. Each word refers to a mindset you will need for 21st century living.

Week one was GRIT.
Week two was GROW.

It takes GRIT to GROW and you can GROW in GRIT, but that is not the focus of this post. Here I want to give you the big picture of what you need to GROW. You need five things (at least) for sustained growth to take place.

ONE: You Need Motivation.
This was the focus of the Sunday morning message, where I gave you good reasons to grow to your maximum potential: (1) the Bible mandates growth; (2) growth is the very nature of life; (3) you are not yet where you should be as a person–growth is how you will get there; (4) massive change requires lifelong learning or you get left behind; and most important (5) Jesus models the way, Jesus mentors us to grow, and Jesus gives us a mission to help others grow.

If those five good reasons are not enough, here is one more: People who grow and learn are happier people than those who do not. Even though it costs you something to invest in your growth, the experience of learning and the results from learning are VERY satisfying.

TWO: You Need a Direction.
In other words, where do you want to grow? What do you want to learn? What is of value (important, worthy, and of interest) to you?

Pick a topic, an area of interest, a field of study, a particular skill, a hobby . . .

You have to be selective. You must choose. You must focus. And you must start somewhere. This week I will help you figure out in what directions you should aim in your learning.

THREE: You Need a Plan.
The more intentional you are about growing, the more likely you will grow; and the more likely your growth will be faster, further, deeper, and better. Good learning is not haphazard. It is not intermittent. It is not occasional. It is not sporadic. It is not hit or miss. It is not by chance or by accident.

You will grow, learn, and develop best when you have a plan. I will give you the ingredients of a good plan. You will have to develop your plan, adjust it, and then work it (over and over). But I promise, a plan will make all the difference.

FOUR: You Need Resources.
The kinds of resources you need will vary depending on your area of interest. Think of resources as the tools and stepping stones of personal growth.

FIVE: You Need People.
People are the most important resource you need for growth. I will tell you the kinds of people you need and what they will do to help you grow.

That’s it! You need motivation, direction, a plan, resources, and people. Put them together and your personal development will soar. I will cover all of these in the coming week.

All five ingredients of growth are available at Living Word. We are fully committed to empowering you to grow as far as we can. We believe that through personal growth the best is yet to come for your life. And, as we have a congregation of growing people, the best is yet to come for Living Word and the mission God has given to us.

Your fellow lifelong learner,
Pastor Brian

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