The Best is Yet to Come

The heart of Living Word from the beginning has been to love Jesus deeply and share that love with our community and those in need all over the world. The expansion and improvements to our existing site will be the next major steps in helping us advance the mission and vision God has given us—for our church, community, region, and world.

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COMMITMENTS: 929Committed: $5,318,226Given: $3,783,386


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are we planning to build?

We want to be faithful to the purposes of God. Therefore we will be expanding our existing facility to accommodate people who do not currently attend Living Word, deepen the relationships with those who do attend, and invest in the future of the next generation.

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is The Best is Yet to Come initiative?

The Best Is Yet to Come is an exciting, 3-year spiritual journey that will call the people of Living Word to live into the purposes of God by giving above and beyond their normal tithes and offerings to invest in the future growth of the church we love.

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will we pay for the facility?

Our leadership team believes it is time for us to step out in faith. Through a combination of saved funds, this capital campaign, and potential financing for the balance, we will be able to take the next steps to expand our current facility and be faithful to the purposes of God.

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 We stand at a crossroads where again we have property limitations that
hinder our vision and capacity for reaching and impacting more people.

Through the building expansion,
we are believing God for the following

Wins & Outcomes

Reaching Lost People

Capacity to grow our church family by up to 1,000 people (adding additional services).

Seeing hundreds more people coming to faith, being baptized, and having their lives transformed.

Commitment to Every Generation

Expanding our ability to lead kids and students in the ways of Christ.

Increasing security.

Enhancing our foundation for exceptional ministries for all seasons of life.

Visibility & Flow

Improving public awareness of the church.

Creating superior flow and movement inside and outside our building.

Prayer and Community

Dedicated prayer and Sacred Space year round.

Increased space to build better and stronger community.


Strategically hiring more staff.

Creating improved office environments for ministry and collaboration.