The Challenge of Change

Becky and I were out walking the other evening. Our conversation was not a new theme. It is one we have processed for many years. Becky, as a counselor and therapist who helps people deal with the problems and crises of life, and I, as a pastor and mentor who wants to help people move to new levels of capacity and competency, so they can make a greater difference in the world around us.

Our conversation centered around this question:

What motivates people to change?

I think about that question a lot. We both do.

Change is hard. If it were easy, we would all be changing all the time. We would all lose the weight we want to lose. We would exercise more. We would do less binge shopping.

We would stop those bad habits and we would start good ones. We would keep all the New Year’s resolutions that sound like good ideas, but when the reality of January 4 finally hits us, we give up.

If change was easy, we would be more disciplined, more patient, more loving, more serving, and more of anything that matters to us.

Isn’t that the mystery? Even on the things that matter most to us, change is so hard.

This is one of the odd (peculiar, strange, AND wonderful) dynamics of the Christian faith. At its core, and from beginning to end, Christianity is about change.

Christianity is about you becoming a new person. Christianity is about old things in your life passing away and new things beginning.

Christianity is a protest and an overthrow of all that is wrong.

Christianity is a celebration and an embracing of all that is right.

And it never stops. On the day you surrender to God and accept Christ as Savior, Lord, and Friend, change is launched, and it continues to your final breath.

So, why is change so hard? And where do we find the will to change?

More on this tomorrow.

Pastor Brian



Brian Rice