The Christmas Eve Offering

I wanted to make it easy for you to watch (or re-watch) the Christmas Eve Offering videos. The first video explains where the global part of our Christmas Eve Offering will go. The second video describes the many local organizations we will help with this offering.



Thanks for being a part of our Christmas Eve Offering and blessing many vital ministries that are reaching out to those who have the greatest need. This is one way we participate in the ministry of compassion Jesus describes in Matthew 25:31-46. We can’t always directly help the people described in this passage, but we can help those who do help them.

If you are now using our church app, you can use it to make a contribution to the Christmas Eve Offering. It’s super easy. Once you get things set up (when you use it for the first time), from then on it’s a wonderful way to be on the Generosity Journey.

Together with you, helping those in need,
Pastor Brian

Brian Rice