The Day After Memorial Day Musings

A day after Memorial Day (when we were all pretty busy with family events) let’s remember all those who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of ideals worth defending, lives worth protecting, and loves worth safeguarding.

Here are a few thoughts on the evil that must be resisted in the world. Just wars, in part, are the most serious ways of resisting evil.

“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done” (Leonardo da Vinci).

“The evil in the world is proportionate to the weakness of the virtuous” (Winston Churchill).

One of the most powerful quotes is this one by English philosopher, historian, and writer, Edmund Burke:

In the United States, we have the powerful words of one of the greatest peacemakers of modern times:

And this longer one from MLK:

So, while we must never glorify war, we must know there is evil in the world that would tyrannize what is good. And that evil must be resisted. Sometimes heroically and, at times, sacrificially.

And may we as followers of Christ live with the sobering wisdom that the way of Jesus in overcoming all the evil of the world was the way of the cross and his sacrifice of love.

Reflectively, gratefully, and hopefully courageously resisting evil along with you,

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice
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