The Four Kinds of People Who Live in Cities

This post is a direct follow up from yesterday, where we saw the incredible rate of growth of the cities in the world. There are four reasons why we need to reach the cities with the Gospel. The four reasons have to do with the four kinds of people who live in the cities.


The next generation lives in the cities. There are millions and millions of children and teens who live in the cities of the world. They are our future. This makes the next point extremely important.

The poor live in the cities. In the Two-Thirds World, 80% of all city dwellers live in poverty. Urban poverty is a terrible thing. The slum cities, the shanty towns, and the favelas are especially terrible places to live. You can see this article for more explanation. The people who are most affected by urban poverty is the next generation, the very people who are the future of our world.

The unreached peoples of the world live in cities. Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists live in the vast cities of the southern hemisphere. Plus, the growing number of secular-minded people who have little or no interest in religion live in the cities of the northern hemisphere. If we are going to reach the world with the Gospel, we must reach the cities of the world.

The shapers of culture live in cities. The leaders and influencers in the realm of culture, law, politics, economics, medicine, education (and everything else) live in the urban centers of the world. In other words, the people who have the most influence on shaping the future of the world live in the cities. These are the cultural elites, the power brokers, the movers and shakers of our world.

These four groups of people are why the cities of the world are so important to us. As Living Word seeks to be faithful to our missional Lord and Savior, we must constantly upgrade how we go about our missional vision and strategy as a local church.

We are thinking A LOT about how we make a difference in our own local urban area. We have some exciting things we are praying through and discussing with key people.

And, we are researching A LOT about where and how we can make a difference in strategic locations globally.

Pastor Brian


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