The Lord!



When the Bible talks about God the LORD, one of the constant descriptions is the mightiness of the Lord. The Lord is the Almighty.

There is another wonderful word that describes our mighty, Almighty Lord. It is the word sovereign.

Sovereign and Lord are synonyms. A sovereign is a lord and a lord is a sovereign.

A Lord is one who has sovereignty.

To have sovereignty is to have power and authority.

To have sovereignty is to not only have the ability (power) to do something, but also the right (authority) to do something.

Our God has the power and authority to do whatever he desires.

First and foremost, what God desires above all is to be Lord in your life. God desires that you know he is Lord and that you trust, love, worship, and obey him as your Lord.

There is nothing else as important as this. For only when you understand the Lordship of God will you be able to properly understand the love, grace, and mercy of God. Without knowing him as Lord, you will inevitably reduce his love and grace to a sentimentality that is devoid of holy majesty.

It is the LORD who loves.
It is the LORD who loves and is mighty (has all the necessary power and authority) to save you.
It is the LORD who delights in you.
It is the LORD who can quiet you with his love.
It is the LORD who rejoices over you with song, poetry, music, rhythm, cadence, energy, passion …
It is the LORD!

This is the beautiful good news of the Gospel. He is an Almighty, Sovereign Lord who loves, saves, heals and is with us.

He is with you right now, as your Lord.

What is the Lord saying to your heart?

What are you saying in response to your Lord?

Pastor Brian

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