The Place Where We Eat Grace

Here is another phrase I owe to Francis Spufford.

The church is the place where we eat grace. That’s what the church is. Everything else, even the important stuff (and by the way, there is also a lot of stuff that is not that important), is where we eat grace. Everything pales in comparison.

We eat grace when we take communion. We drink the cup, we eat the bread. We hear the words my body broken, my blood poured, the forgiveness of sins. We eat grace. We drink love. As we do, we taste glory.

We lose our guilt and shame. We cast off condemnation. We are reconciled to God the Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, the Thrice Holy God whom even angels must be cautious about seeing.

I, we, need communion. Here we are, week after week, stumbling and shuffling through the days, and then we gather together. We sing the songs, we hear the words, we receive the prayers, we receive the blessing.

And from time to time, we do the Celebration of Remembering called the Lord’s Supper. We eat grace. Then, once more, knowing we are forgiven, we are loved, we are free, we go from the table to love those around us. To be kind, generous, gracious, compassionate to others.

You are what you eat. If that is so, then eat grace and drink love.

Be sure to join us this coming Sunday, February 17 at Living Word and eat grace with us.

Pastor Brian Rice


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