The Power of Your Presence in the World

Here is a simple but incredibly important question:

Do you tend to see yourself as “acted upon” or as “one who acts”?

In other words, do you spend most of your time thinking about what is happening to you, what life is doing to you, and what impact others are having on you, or do you spend most of your time thinking about the difference you can make, the next steps you can take toward what you want to accomplish, and the good that will result when you leave your imprint on the world?

In extreme cases, the first mentality becomes a victim mentality, where you are passively resigned to the world around you.

With the power of God in you, you do not have to live that way. Instead, you can (and should) live as an actor,  or One Who Acts.

One who acts with power and purpose.
One who acts with will and intention.
One who acts with love and goodness.
One who acts to make a difference, to add value, to leave the world a little better than when you found it.

And then, when we work together with others who accept their power, their responsibility, and their freedom to live, what we accomplish together, it can take our breath away.

What do you want to do? How are you going to do it? When will you start?

By the power of God’s Spirit, lead, love, and live with intention and purpose today.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice
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