The True Things About You That Change (Identity 03)

While there are only a few true things about you that endure, there are MANY true things about you that change. Here are some True Things That Change about Brian Rice.

I am a resident of York, PA.

I am 62 years of age. As of December 2nd I won’t be able to say that any longer.

I am a husband and father (but I wasn’t always so, and one day, I may be a widower, but more likely, Becky will be a widow).

I am the Lead Pastor of Living Word Community Church (but on December 31, 2016 that was not a true statement, and one day, it will no longer be true of me. It will be true at that time to say I was the former Lead Pastor at Living Word).

I have blond hair.

I am a friend of __________ (I could fill in the blank with many names, but not other names I once did. Since time and distance have so diminished the relationship, the word acquaintance is better).

I am reasonably fit and healthy. My Fitbit score says I am very fit for a male my age. Ten years ago my doctor told me I was in trouble and I’d better do something about my health (and weight, blood pressure, etc.).

I am a leadership development consultant and coach.

I am a lifelong learner and an avid reader who loves and collects books. And, for full disclosure, the picture is NOT my library, just what I wish it could be. Hey, maybe if I post it on Facebook and say it is my library, it will become my library!

I am a ___________________ (political persuasion, but was not always so, and depending on candidates, issues, and policies, may find it expedient and wise to change again).

Okay, one of the above is false. See if you can determine what it is. If I wanted to, I could add many more true things that change, which are increasingly trivial. Like…

I am a Ravens and Celtics Fan. The former was a relatively recent change, the latter, one that has not changed since 1980! So, maybe I am an enduring Celtics fan. Whether I could have been an enduring Cubs fan, probably not!

I am a chess player.

I am a guitar player.

I am a bicyclist.

I am a carnivore (and not a vegan). I also like Doritos, chips, pretzels, nachos, which is why I need to exercise (a lot).

The list could go on. A really large amount of the “multitudes inside us” are true things that are temporary. We are in flux. We are in process. We CHANGE.

What happens when your identity is too wrapped up in a True Thing That Changes? What happens when you lose something you valued? Like blond hair! Or just lose your hair? What happens if you lose a job, lose your youthfulness, lose your health, see a change in your wealth, lose your slim waistline, gain some cellulite, develop some wrinkles on a previously smooth face, notice parts of your body beginning to sag, see a valued relationship diminish, see adult kids move out and away and not stay in touch, etc., etc., etc.?

And that is the reality about True Things That Change. So many things we truly value and like about life and ourselves are temporary. What will happen when they are no longer a part of your identity? What will you do then? Have you ever heard of a mid-life crisis? Can you keep these changes in perspective?

You are much more than the True Things That Change. MUCH MORE! The True Things That Change are true, but they are not the Truest You. Don’t put too much stock in them for your identity.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice