There Are No Shortcuts

Sometimes I wish there were, but there aren’t. At least not shortcuts to anything that matters.

The pathway to all good things, the road to success, the journey to excellence–all take time, hard work, challenges that push you, problems that stretch you, difficulties that shape your character, and trials that make the final result even more worthwhile.

There are very few good things and even fewer great things that just happen. You rarely stumble upon or wander into what is best for you.

You can’t get to where you want to go by dodging the very process that makes it possible.

So be patient, be wise, persevere, and live with faith, love, and hope. Christ will use these things to take you to the places that are good for you.

Remember: There are no shortcuts for you as an individual and for Living Word as a church. It’s just a journey with Jesus.

Pastor Brian


Brian Rice

What I love most about my job:

Having the ability to empower and resource leaders to bear much fruit that lasts. Being a part of a team of friends and missional servants committed to changing the world.
Brian Rice

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