This is How Crazy it is Getting

The War on What’s Real!

What in the world is this article about, I wondered. I subscribe to Fast Company. I have been an avid reader of this magazine from the very first issue. Now I subscribe to various newsletters from Fast Company and read the articles of most interest to me, like this one – the War on What’s Real.

This is another example of living in VUCA times. Reality is being undermined and rewritten. This is more than fake news, this is fake reality!

Peter Drucker talked about paradigm change at the highest order. Every several hundred years there is a fundamental restructuring of society and culture. It usually takes about 50 years for the change to take place. But when it is in place, the new order is so different from the old one, that those of the old order barely recognize the new world in which they live.

This is the world in which we live, work, find love, have children, raise families, pursue careers, discover vocation and purpose, make meaning, and above all, seek to be missional friends of Jesus.

It is just that this world is increasingly bizarre and broken, phony and false, and when we are honest, at least a little scary. Which is why Jesus, before sending us out, says, “Peace be with you.”

If you remember the old Hill Street Blues police show, the early roll call and day’s assignments ended with the warning, “Let’s be careful out there.”

Peace be with you … and be careful out there.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice