Time for Men to Step Up on the Sexual Abuse Pandemic

The church has a vital role in the world. While the core of our ministry is the Gospel message of salvation by grace through faith, and the lifelong transformation by grace so we become mature followers of Jesus, we then go out into the world to address all the hurt, brokenness, and messiness of the world!

One of the areas of our WORST BROKENNESS, and let’s name it even more powerfully, our GREATEST EVIL, are the sexual sins of abuse that are perpetrated against women.

The courage of so many women who are standing up, who are silent no more, and who are LEADING us in this desperately needed societal change – they deserve a standing ovation.

And when I read the recent post by one of my favorite pastors and cultural savants, James Emery White, I knew right away I wanted you to read it also. The statistics are staggering for the numbers of women who are sexually abused.

White speaks like a prophet and a pastor on this one. His message:

Men – it is way past time for you to stand up, make your voice heard, protest against this evil… and much more.

Now is the time for sexual integrity and holiness on the part of men. The sexual insanity of our culture continues to spiral downward. Everyone gets hurt.

Now is the time for men to pray, repent, find forgiveness, receive healing, experience transformation, and become godly, holy, righteous, compassionate men of God.

May Living Word be known as a place where such men are formed and God’s Kingdom comes more fully on earth as it is in heaven.

You can read the powerful words of James Emery White here – BECOMING MEN.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice