Welcome to Transit! A gathering of 5th and 6th graders

Transit is a weekly environment where 5th and 6th graders experience games, music and teaching in a large group setting before spending time processing what they learned in a small group setting. Groups are designed to create a safe space to share what’s going on their lives, ask questions about faith and navigating their world. Our hope is to energize students to connect with their peers and God while in Transit. Services are at 9:30 am and 11:00 am in the student::life area.


Contact Kristen Kunce at 717-755-0089 x 124

New Series: RAD

September 2021



When Jesus was on earth, he had a lot to say about love, but not everyone loved him. Instead, Jesus’ opponents hated him, attacked him, and saw him as extreme — dangerous — revolutionary — a radical. And they had a point! The things Jesus taught about loving God and loving others challenged the status quo and changed the world forever. That’s pretty radical. In this 4-week series from the book of James, we’ll look at four ways Jesus invites us to love according to his revolutionary example. These ideas might seem simple, but when we choose to listen more than we speak, refuse to play favorites, watch our words, and fight for peace, we’ll see just how radical Jesus’ teachings really are.