Voter Registration

In light of the impending elections and the great passion being generated, I am going to do some occasional posts on citizenship and the public sphere.

The most basic right and responsibility of citizenship is, first of all, to:


If you are not registered to VOTE,  the deadline is October 19.

It is easy to register online, just go to: Voter Registration Application

Don’t wait until the last minute. Register as soon as you.

If you feel more comfortable using a paper form, Living Word will have voter registration forms available at our Welcome Center on September 27 and October 4. We will be available to help you with registration on these Sunday mornings.

This is completely non-partisan. We are just doing what we can to help you enjoy your right and fulfill your responsibility of good citizenship.

A second issue of good citizenship is being an educated and informed voter. Thomas Jefferson, our third president, was crystal clear on the need for Americans to be educated and informed. There are a number of things I do to be educated and informed about issues and candidates. I will tell you more about them in another post.

A good resource to check out is the Pew Research Center. This Center, as the name says, is a research center. It is not a policy promoting or partisan organization. It simply collects data and gives basic explanations of what the data indicates.

It is a treasure trove of great information.

Pew Research Center website.

And for this short post, I am very glad to announce that Living Word will be an authorized voting location for York Township First District One. For several years we have offered our building for this purpose, but now with COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, the ability to have longer lines, and the availability of plentiful parking, we were approached and we said YES.

While the mission of Living Word is first and foremost the Kingdom of God, we are also a center for our community. When we can find ways to serve our large community, it is a privilege to do so.

I’ll share some more ideas very soon about good citizenship on the part of God’s people.

But for right now, make sure you register and make sure you vote.

Pastor Brian


Brian Rice