What God Has Promised (and Not Promised)

What Shall I Do When Life Gets Hard?

One core insight from the Sunday message is to have proper expectations.

Expect the unexpected AND expect the EXPECTED.

Don’t expect Hakuna Matata. A problem-free philosophy is going to have a rude and abrupt encounter with reality.

Real life has problems, difficulties, struggles, challenges, and even crises (some of which can be horribly hard). Sickness happens. Cancer happens. Heart disease happens. Accidents happen. Natural disasters happen. Bad choices with their consequences happen. Life happens. Fallen life happens. It happens every day.

Don’t expect God to wave his supernaturally sovereign hand over all your problems and make them magically go away. That is not the teaching of the Bible.  God empowers his followers to go through tests, trials, temptations, and troubles—not to avoid them.

There is an old poem I found in my early years as a Christian. It is actually an old hymn. As far as poetry goes, it is not beautiful poetry, but it is good poetry. And it is better theology. Very good theology, and therefore, it offers very good spirituality.

Here it is. Read it. Reflect on it. Pray through it. Allow this good theology and spirituality to reshape your expectations.

Hold these thoughts with you through the day.
And may you find strength, rest, light, grace, help, sympathy, and love for this day.

Pastor Brian


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