What I Am Reading These Days

I am currently working on several writing projects. My early morning routine consists of devotions, reading, and writing. Seasons of life vary for me. There are times when I do more reading and less writing. Then I will cut back my reading so I have more time to write.

Right now I am in a major burst of writing. One of the books I am working on is on Flourishing. I started that project over a year ago and then it went on the back burner. Now it is on the front burner and I am plugging away. When I write, I read. I fill my heart and mind with the best thoughts of others. I filter, process, reflect, and then begin to write.

While I had done a good deal of reading in preparation for The Flourishing Project, which we did at Living Word more than a year ago, I decided to read several more of the really good books on this topic. So, here are a few of those books.

These authors are some of the leaders in the field of human flourishing.


I am also reading biblical and theological books, including …


And finally, I have picked back up on American Presidents, although going back to John Adams.

I am reading the collection of letters between John and Abigail Adams, and the correspondence of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Both are fascinating and personal insights into those titanic figures who shaped out nation.



Lifelong learning is a passion.

Thinking, reflecting, and writing all in the service of preaching and teaching to motivate and guide the people of Living Word is part of my calling.

And not only mine. I am grateful to be on a team of leaders who are serious about lifelong learning for the sake of others.

Grace and peace to all of you,
Pastor Brian

Brian Rice