What I Really Love About the Christmas Season (Kristen Kunce)

What I really love about the Christmas season today is the same as what I loved as a child.  As a child, when December would finally arrive, my 4 older siblings would make their way home for the holiday. We celebrated with meals together, a beautiful Christmas eve church service, simple gift giving, grateful hearts and tons of laughter. If it snowed, what a bonus!

I especially loved the moment my father gave my mother his gift to her. Watching him give and her receive, comforted me and assured me in my child’s heart of his love for us.

As I write today, what I really love about the Christmas season, my heart is struck by the realization of an unexpected extraordinary gift. An extraordinary gift but also a gift that has sat quietly, unnoticed.

It’s the unexpected gift of Christ with me through an entire collection of Christmas season celebrations with family. An entire history. Year after year of family gatherings for meals, going to church together, gift giving, and good songs to sing with grateful hearts toward God.

In this season I celebrate God’s unexpected gift, Jesus, Emanuel, and just so I can understand that, God has written into my life a whole collection of Christmas celebrations with family. The wonder that began as a child is now made clear by realizing this extraordinary gift of my history. God’s story in my life is manifold, an extraordinary gift of blessed assurance.

May you have the blessed assurance during this Christmas Season.
Kristen Kunce

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