What Makes the Purposes of God Real and Powerful

I hope you were a part of our Thanksgiving/Cardboard Testimony Sunday yesterday. It was an amazing time as we celebrated the loving kindness and goodness of our God as seen in the stories he is writing. These better stories of grace are the ones you heard on Sunday, and they are only a small percentage of the vast number of stories we could tell.

Living Word is here to be a place where God is writing these stories of redemption. Living Word is here to be a people who are used by Jesus to help others connect with the God who wants to change their lives.

The purposes of God are always changed lives.

While it is the grace of God that changes lives, we are invited by God to partner with him in creating places, spaces, and relationships where grace can flow and do its amazing work.

So, that leads to the completion of the model I showed you on Saturday. If you missed reading the blog post from Saturday, go back and read that to understand the context of what I say next.


If the PURPOSES of God are always changed lives, then the WAYS of God are changing lives through the GENEROSITY of those who have already been changed.

We are blessed to be a blessing. We are entrusted with the resources of heaven so we can steward those resources for the sake of God’s work.

Living Word needs your talent, your time, and your treasures. Without these resources, the work God wants to do through us is held back.

Christians have always been among the most generous people in our country.
We do have a sense of responsibility.
We do have a sense of compassion and charity for others.
We do offer our volunteer time to help out with causes we value.
We do donate money to organizations to which we belong and in which we believe.

As a non-profit, volunteer based organization, the local church rises and falls according to the commitment of its people.

Living Word has always had a legacy of people committed to the purposes of God. As we are seeing a whole new group of friends and partners calling Living Word their spiritual home, we will need the new generation to join in and advance what a previous generation is handing off to them.

Thank you to everyone for your love, commitment, generosity, stewardship, and partnership in the ongoing purposes of God for our times and for the next generation.

Thank you to everyone for joining the Generosity Journey to see where God can take you. And thank you to all who choose to jump in with the Tithing Challenge.

Together, all of us very ordinary people become a community through which God will do extraordinary things.

To Christ be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice