What’s Your Story?

This past week, we had a special service at Living Word: our annual Cardboard Testimonies service. This service is always a really special time of sharing how God has worked in the people of Living Word in the past year. As we all know, 2020 has been a difficult year, but this service was a special reminder that God is still working in our lives. 

In his introduction to the book of Exodus in The Message, Eugene Peterson writes, “It is significant that God does not present us with salvation in the form of an abstract truth, or a precise definition or a catchy slogan, but as story. . . Story is an invitation to participate, first through our imagination and then, if we will, by faith, with our total lives in response to God.” God gives each of us a story. And our stories are important. They matter.  

What’s your story? What has God done in your life in 2020? Take some time this week to think through the questions below. You can write down your responses, or talk them over with a friend.  

Rewind to January 2020. What is one piece of advice (or warning!) you would give yourself to help your spiritual life in the months ahead?  

Did you have any “turning points” in your relationship with God this year? Write about them. 

Did your prayer life change in 2020? If so, how? 

Was there a scripture passage that was meaningful to you in 2020?  

Ten years from now, how do you think you will describe the year 2020? 

Where did you see God in 2020?  

We would love to hear your story. If you would like to share what God’s been up to in your life in 2020, send us an email at hello@lwccyork.com. 

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