Why We Are in Our Expansion and Renovation Season at Living Word

Here is a little chart that helps me understand why we are investing a great deal of resources to expand our church facility (building and property).

The foundation of everything we do is the purposes of God at LWCC.

What are those purposes? Simply, through his great grace, to bring forgiveness, healing, transformation, and missional empowering into the lives of everyone. Or, to say it differently, through his great grace, to advance his beautiful kingdom into our broken, fallen, and oh-so-very-messy world. To say it one more way: evangelism and discipleship. We want to create more followers of Jesus and better followers of Jesus.

Then, every particular local church has to determine (through prayer, conversation, discernment, and trial and error) what is our strategic way of mission, vision, and strategy? The purposes of God remain constant, but the ways different churches interpret and advance the purposes of God, that is where we have a wonderful diversity of mission, vision, and strategy. You can learn more about Living Word’s mission, vision, and strategy by visiting our church website. Click on the I’m New Tab and you can go exploring.

One more big step is needed. We must have concrete, specific ways we activate our mission and vision. So, now we have many (many) various programs, ministries, groups, and projects. We are committed to offering a wide variety of ministries to meet the many needs our congregation has. In fact, this is some of our DNA. We have a great staff loaded with skills, knowledge, and love to bring to you, week after week, resources to help you FLOURISH.

We are in our building expansion because there are thousands of more people who need the message of hope and the beauty of Jesus in their lives. We literally ran out of room for more people to encounter the saving grace of Christ, especially the Next Generation. After much prayer and lots of hard research, we believed God was leading us to our expansion. See the progress on our building expansion webpage.

As it is getting closer and closer to completion, our staff is already dreaming of new ministries we will be able to offer you and our community in 2018. We will have a lot more to tell you about this in the months to come.

And I can tell you that it is the great joy and love of our leadership team to be able to do this for you.

I have one more vital part to add to the diagram above. I will tell you what that is on Monday.

On behalf of our staff,
Pastor Brian

P.S. You will find those ministries, programs, groups, and projects on our website. Some are constant and repeated; others are occasional. Regular visits on our website will help you take full advantage of the resources we offer.




Brian Rice