Working Your Way to Happiness

Study after study shows two things. First, happy people are better workers. They have fewer sick days. They have higher levels of production. They have more friends where they work.

Second, good work makes you happy! Isn’t that interesting … and isn’t that enticing?

Let me jump on my soapbox and complain for a short paragraph.

I am more than a little tired of people who are negative about work. I am tired of the TGIF* mentality that kicks in about midday on Wednesday. I am tired of people who complain they work too much when they are barely putting in a solid and strong 40 hours a week. I have had just about enough whining that work takes up “fun time,” when other studies show the excessive amount of time we spend in front of the TV, on our computer, playing video games, fixated on our smart phones, plugged into about a dozen social media platforms, etc., etc., etc. I just don’t get it when people are ready to retire at age 35 so they can enjoy a life of leisure!

[* TGIF = Thank God It’s Friday]

Work matters. Your work matters. Work is good. You are to do good work. God works. God creates. God builds. God brings “stuff” into existence. God loves to work, and when God sees what he has made, he declares it to be “very good.”

Good work happens when you do something you believe in. You need to believe you are doing something that matters. You want your work to have purpose and meaning. Good work has purpose and meaning.

Good work happens when you can see progress you are making in work. Good work happens when you are able to see that what you did made a difference. Good work has progress that is noticeable.

Good work happens when you are affirmed and valued by others around you. Good work adds value that others appreciate.

Good work happens when you can do it together with others. Good work involves partnership (with friendship). Almost everything you can do alone is more fun when you do it together with others. Life Together where you work–look for it, don’t settle for its lack.

Good work happens when you are provided with the necessary resources to do good work. Good work involves the investment of others getting you what you need to do quality work.

You will spend a huge amount of your adult life working. Fully one-third of your adult life is spent at work. You cannot afford to be doing poor work. You cannot afford to be unhappy at work. Work unhappiness spills over into the rest of your life. If you need to, put some serious time into your work, career, vocation, and calling.

Special Note: To all who have leadership and managerial positions where you work: Be sure to lead well. Help people do good work. Provide them with the resources, the encouragement, and the opportunity to do really good work.

Pastor Brian


Brian Rice

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Having the ability to empower and resource leaders to bear much fruit that lasts. Being a part of a team of friends and missional servants committed to changing the world.
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