YOLO and Carpe Diem

I’m a BIG “Carpe Diem” or  “Seize the Day” fan. I love this ancient idea. It is one of the oldest themes in western history.

As best we know, it originated with the Roman poet Horace about 2,000 years ago. Of course the movie, Dead Poets Society, reintroduced the phrase for our times.

In recent years, the heavy metal band Metallica put out a song called “Carpe Diem Baby.”

Actress Judy Dench had the phrase tattooed on her wrist to celebrate her 81st birthday. Apparently, she believes there are more good days to have.

The modern slang in the USA is YOLO – You Only Live Once.

How about the commercial that says, “Go for the gusto”?

The Japanese say, “Enjoy now.”

In Slovakia, parents teach their children the phrase “Live fully.”*

Biblically, I want to seize the day because the day itself is a gift from God to us. Every day is a day the Lord has made and we can take the day with gratitude, wonder, and worship.

Biblically, our days are finite and we are to pray for a heart of wisdom that we might know how to truly live each day.

Biblically, we are not to be anxious about our days, but to find the presence and work of God in every day… and join in that work.

Biblically, the days still have their rawness and bad things happen every day, but we are to live wisely in those days.

And biblically, we live in a new era, a new time, a new season, and a new day. That new day is the Kingdom of God that is already here (although not yet fully here) through the presence of the work of Jesus.

Living Word is here to help you seize the days, grow deep in relationship with God, find your motivating meaning and powerful purpose every day, and live passionately and wisely as followers of Jesus.

And always, “To God be the greater glory when we live fully human and fully alive.”

Pastor Brian

* Thanks to Roman Krznaric for these examples of “Carpe Diem.”

Brian Rice