Your Growth Matters to Us

It is so appropriate to spend our summer talking about GROW and growing and growth, for summer is a season of growth. When conditions have been good, when the resources of sun, light, fertilizer, water, and nutrients are available, growth is evident everywhere. Everything is lush, full, and abundant. When those resources are lacking, then we experience a lack of growth… and instead of abundance, there is scarcity.

When I was the senior pastor of a church in upstate New York, one of the people in the congregation was a chief forester for a very large company. He knew more things about trees than I ever thought possible. He told me that you could tell the years of abundance and scarcity through the long decades of a tree’s life by looking at the rings of a tree. In years of abundance, a tree had great growth. When resources were lacking, growth was restricted.

So, this summer we want to get you the resources you need to GROW.

But there is one major difference between plant life and our human growth. If you simply pour onto vegetation the resources needed for growth, they do so naturally. But when it comes to human growth, we have to receive, accept, and do something with the available resources.

At times, we have to go and get resources. Other times, we have to tailor-make resources so they have the maximum input. In other words, your role in GROW is supremely important.

It is our privilege to get into your hands the resources you need to grow. It is your work to receive them, work with them, and apply them.

We’ll give you lots of ideas this summer. We’ll get you tools to use. We’ll guide you to great places where you can access even more resources. And we will PRAY for you. We will pray that this summer will be a great summer of God advancing further along the road the good work he has already begun (see Philippians 1:6).

Here’s to a great summer of growing and discovering the new dynamics God has for us.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice