Baptism at Living Word is for children (age 8+), students, teens, and adults who have not been baptized since coming to faith in Christ. Baptism is an important milestone in the Christian life and one of the sacraments observed at Living Word.

We practice “believer’s baptism," which simply means that we baptize people who have become followers of Jesus Christ. This is a symbol of a person’s commitment to Jesus.  Anyone who has made a commitment to Jesus should be baptized. 

Upcoming Baptism

Recent Baptisms

Registration for classes is now open. The Kid's Baptism Class (age 8-grade 6) will be held on Sunday, May 19th during the 11:00 service in room 311 in the Kid::Life wing. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children. The Adult Baptism Class (grade 7+) will be held two times: once on Sunday, May 19th during the 9:30 service in room 380 and once on Wednesday, May 22nd at 6:30 PM in Common Grounds. They are identical classes, so participation is only required for one. Attendance at one of the classes is required prior to signing up for the baptism. Please let Abi know if you have any questions.

Our next baptism will be held on June 30th.  While registration for the classes is not required, it is helpful for us. 

If you have any questions, contact Abi Wagner, or at x160.


In the case of children, we ask that they be at least 8 years of age, and that their parents talk with them ahead of time to make sure they have made a genuine commitment of their life to Christ. Read our Water Baptism Explanation sheet for more insight into children baptisms.

Baptism is a sign or symbol of a person's commitment and loyalty to Christ. Baptism does not make someone a Christian, or a part of God's family, or a member in the church. That is why we don't baptize infants. Baptism is a sign and symbol of a life commitment and relationship with Christ.

Christ was baptized-he is our model. Christ made baptism an important part of our life with him. Baptism is a personal step of obedience to the command of Christ. Baptism is a time when we receive joy and peace as we identify with the death and resurrection of Jesus.

While Scripture allows for some variety here, we believe that total immersion under the water is best because it is true to the meaning of what baptism symbolizes-death and new life.

In the Bible, most people were baptized soon after they made a commitment of their life to Christ. We think people should have been consistently following Christ for some time, and know in their heart that they are genuinely committed to him. If that is true for you - then now is the time to be baptized.