Prayer requests

Prayer at LW

Ever feel surrounded by confusion? Chaos? Challenges? Uncertainty? Wish you could locate a pocket of peace?
We believe in the power of prayer and hope  you would consider the following:
• Share a prayer request via the digital prayer wall (below).
• Step inside the building to observe the beauty of our prayer wall.*
• Sense the peace of the prayer room.
*When our building is open (enter at door #7)

The Prayer Wall (onsite)

This work of art displays the collaborative efforts of world-renown York-based artists: Patrick Sells of Salvaging Creativity and Cliff Meyer of Rudy Art Glass.  It is created for personal, interactive use. Simply write out your prayer need, roll it like a scroll, and place it in one of the small circles near the text you’re drawn to – such as “forgive us” or “lead us.” Talk with God about whatever is on your heart.

The Prayer Room (onsite)

A quiet, contemplative space, designed with various seating options and an assortment of art. Open for personal reflection any time our building is open. If you would like to pray with someone, simply ask the receptionist upon entry, or call our pastoral care team at 717.755.0089 x 103.

Digital Prayer Wall

Share a prayer request or praise with others at Living Word. When submitting a prayer request, you are giving consent for the church to post information online. We reserve the right to edit content for readability, length, and privacy concerns.
Please note the "share with" options below.

Prayer requests may be submitted at any time and are processed and posted upon review Monday through Wednesday 8:00 am–3:00 pm and Thursday 8:00 am–noon. If you require immediate assistance, please contact our Pastoral Care team at 717.755.0089 x 103Christin

Prayer Request Form


I just ended a relationship I knew I should not have been in. I was lonely and tired of being alone and waiting on God. I'm mentally exhausted. Please pray for me.
Received:  May 19, 2024

Steven Donaghy

I suffer with worry, anxiety, and paranoia.  Please pray the fear will stop and I will find peace and comfort from God.
Received:  May 18, 2024

Steve Murray

Please pray for my finances. I need a second job that I can do with my bad knees. I am being ridiculed at my current job because of my faith. Pray that I will continue to stand firm. Pray that my tax payment agreement is approved.
Received:  May 17, 2024

Mike Campagna

Please join me in praying for a friend who had a  biopsy yesterday. She is very worried about this and would love it if God would make this biopsy go well.
Received:  May 16, 2024

Joanne Hilliard

Please pray for Jen Hindley. She is battling a post-op infection. She’s on two antibiotics, has a fever, and is doing poorly. This morning the visiting nurse checked in on her and told her that if it gets worse she should go to the ER. Please pray for healing. Thank you.
Received:  May 15, 2024


I am scheduled for biopsy of a mass on Wednesday 5/15 at 2:00 pm. Please pray for God’s healing and peace.
Received:  May 14, 2024

Prayer for Roberta "Bert" Kufera

Roberta was admitted at Philly Hospital, where she received her kidney transplant. She thought she had an infection but doctors are still not sure what is going on. Please keep her and the doctors in your prayers! 
Received:  May 7, 2024

Sue Robinson

Pray for my son, Shane, and his girl friend, Lexi, and their church family, as they left for India this morning on a mission trip.
Received:  May 7, 2024

Amber Sklar

Please pray for me and my children, Riley and Kyle. All three of us are struggling to  find happiness after my father died in August 2023. We were very close to him and he helped raise both of my kids.
Received:  May 6, 2024

Patty Ford

Please pray for my friend’s son, Kaleb, who was in a horrific, fiery motorcycle crash. He is in the ICU in Phoenix.
Received:  May 5, 2024

Taryn Ramos

I went to OSS and in the x-rays they found that my pelvis was tilted forward. They gave me a muscle relaxer and they want me to do physical therapy. The pain seems to be going away, but this Sunday before church I had a bad shooting pain in my lower back. Pray for healing and that the pain will go away.
Received:  May 5, 2024

Cynthia Rose

One year ago on May 5 my 53-year-old son was killed on his motorcycle going to work. I've struggled for a year but always pray for strength to deal with it. I also had breast cancer and a mastectomy on Dec. 18, so please pray the cancer doesn't return.  Also a family member has become distant but she won't tell me why.  I appreciate your prayers for all of the above.
Received:  May 4, 2024

Michael Moore

Please pray for us. We need a financial miracle to pay our bills and everyday living expenses. We rely on the Food Bank to feed our family. Thank you.
Received:  May 2, 2024

Jeff Gettler

We need a miracle.  Also, I've been depressed and don't feel like getting up.
Received:  April 28, 2024

Emily Grove

My coworker and friend just lost her 10 month old baby suddenly. Please pray for strength and comfort during this tragic time she is going through.
Received:  April 28, 2024


I need direction from the Lord on whether to stay with the company I'm currently working for or move on to something else. Please pray for job protection and blessings over my finances.
Received:  April 21, 2024

Deena Blouse

Please pray for healing for my coworker,  Mrs. Bonnie. She fell and hit her head.
Received:  April 27, 2024

Regina Wagman

Please pray for my son, Matthias, who recently had ACL surgery after a skiing accident in January. Please pray for healing and well as for his mid-term in two weeks. Also pray for my husband, Tony. He had an injury at work and is having surgery on Monday.  Please pray for healing for him.
Received:  April 18, 2024

Tracey Shetter

Please pray for my husband, Steve, as he is facing open heart surgery today (4/18) for quintuple bypasses.
Received:  April 18, 2024

Jenny Tressler

Please pray for our friend, Jon, who has just been diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma.
Received:  April 16, 2024

Jenny Tressler

Please pray for my relationship with Ron.  I miss him every day and I care deeply about his well-being. I believe that God is bringing Ron into a close, saving, relationship with Christ daily. I pray that he would pursue reconciliation.
Received:  April  14, 2024

Tim Balderston

I recently had bicep surgery and am basically relearning use and movement with that arm with a lengthy recovery. Additionally, we have other medical financial responsibilities and concerns due to recent issues. I am asking for prayers for healing, comfort, and provisions for us in all areas. Thank you.
Received:  April  14, 2024