Tucked within the description of Love in Action in Romans 12 are a few verses that guide our pastoral care team at Living Word.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer … rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.  (Romans 12:12,15 NIV)

Whether it is the joy of an upcoming wedding or the heartache of experiencing loss, whether you are wondering how to plan a Celebration of Life service or you (or someone you love) is in the hospital or homebound for a season of time, the Pastoral Care Team of Living Word cares deeply and is here to share the journey with you.  

Please contact us via email: or give us a call at 717.755.0089 x 103.  Someone on our team will reach out to you as soon as possible to find out how we can serve you.
Let’s do more life together with tender care and prayers,

Pastor Aaron Kunce
Congregational Life Pastor

Meet the Team

Aaron Kunce

Congregational Life Pastor

Connie Milchling

Director of Pastoral Care & Next Steps

Jeremy Shank

Pastoral Care & Support Pastor

York County Emergency Services

New Course:  Aging Wisely

The pastoral care team of Living Word would like to assist you in asking important questions that will help you plan, prepare, and pray your way through aging wisely. Learn what you need to know before you need to know it. Discover what you should decide before you must decide it. Let’s age wisely together. 
Offered on the Sundays listed below at
9:30 am or 11:00 am in Room 400

 10.9.22 - Begin with the End in Mind

Someday someone will be somewhere leading a Celebration of Life service for you.  Are you presently living with that legacy in mind?  What memories are you making?  Are there relationships you need to pursue?  Do you have a life verse or favorite passage of Scripture? Treasured songs? Assurances you want your family and friends to hear?  Discover the freedom found when thinking through how you want to be remembered and the courage to make better daily choices.  

2.5.23 - Peace for Your Loved Ones  
ONLY OFFERED at 9:30 am

Critical medical decisions are never easy and sometimes happen before we are ready to make them legal or official.  Let’s uncover how clarity of thought on your personal medical wishes will make a difference.  Give your loved ones the gift of peace of mind. 

11.6.22 - Money Matters

Physical possessions, resources, assets, and money all too easily become a source of friction, frustration, and division, even in the closest or healthiest of families.  We will offer thoughtful questions for you to work through so you can make wise decisions about your resources now and help reduce the risk of this happening.  

4.2.23 - The Resilient Life 

The Bible urges us to “run with perseverance the race that is marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1).  All too often people grow weary or lose heart (Hebrews 12:3).  In this session we will share practical ways to continue aging wisely and finish the race well. 

12.4.22 - The Wonder, Beauty, and Timing of Life 

Many people spend anxiety-filled days wondering what is going to happen as they age.  In this session we will look at Psalms 90 and 139 and celebrate the gift of life.  We will also share how to position your loved ones for “good-bye for now” as we look at appropriate preparations for natural stages of life.